X'spreshun Level System

At Xspreshun Aveda we have a skill level system for our stylists. The primary goals of our seven-level system is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for team members and to offer several options for our guests to meet their diverse needs when it comes to salon services. Guests may choose the stylist/level that compliments their needs from skillset to education, and budget.

There are seven Xspeshun levels. Our first level, the Protégé, is in college and not working behind the chair but is an integral part of our behind-the-scenes mojo. Levels 2-7 are our professional service providers:

  • Protégé
  • New Talent
  • Xspreshun Stylist
  • XspreshunDesigner
  • Advanced Designer
  • Master Stylist
  • Senior Master Stylist

Promotion to each level is based on a number of factors, including demand on time, skill, experience, and education. As a stylist moves up in levels, you will see a small increase in the costs of their services. This is reflective of the investment they have made in their professional development.

Guests may choose any level stylist that best fits their needs and budget. Keep in mind, we work as a team, so feel free to have services with as many different stylists as you’d like!

The X'spreshun Team

Whether they’re new to the industry or new to our salon, our stylists have the opportunity to receive our in-depth training program, personally taught by our Xspreshun advanced education team. During this training period, they are assisting and learning from an advanced level stylist in order to advance their skills, improve speed, and learn Xspreshun’s secret sauce techniques. Once having completed the initial training program New Talent associates are promoted to Xspreshun Stylists and can start providing services guests.

Not sure which stylist would be a good fit for you? Our Guest Services team will do its absolute best to recommend stylists to meet your needs. One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that every member of our salon team is ready to welcome you and make your visit with us exceed your expectations.


Our Protége’s are students who are attending college in pursuit of their cosmetology degree. They are apprenticing by assisting lead stylists and general shadowing of all salon operations. We begin our Xspreshun advanced training right away with our Protégé’s. This training includes an opportunity for you to participate as a model in our ongoing classes.  There is a model fee that is a fraction of normal salon pricing. Pricing varies with the classes offered and the level of education provided. We have applications available if you are interested in modeling for our team.


Our New Talent stylists have completed their cosmetology college, are either scheduled to sit for their state board exam or have passed their state board exams. They are typically in their six months. A new talent stylist is actively assisting throughout the entire salon. The new talent stylist will have limited services they are providing and limited time available for scheduling. They often times are working closely with an advanced team member as this is part of their extended training program. Expect to have significantly increased service times. This is a great opportunity for the budget-minded guest. At Xspreshun your luxury experience always includes the best of the best products.


Our Stylists have completed our in-salon training program and continue to attend classes on a regular basis to enhance their skills. They will often consult with Master level stylists on color projects or specific haircuts. Expect increased service times with our Xspreshun Stylists. Our stylists can be found representing Xspreshun in the community by sharing their skills and journey at career fairs and fashion shows!


Our Designers have mastered the Xspreshun design system and are now receiving advanced cutting, coloring, and cosmetology training. Our Designers are dedicated to continually honing and refining their skill sets.


Our Advanced Designers have mastered the Xspreshun design system and are on track for advanced specialty and leadership placement. Some of our designers carry multiple degrees and certifications. Designers are honing and refining their skill sets and advancing with specialty techniques and modalities.


Our Master Stylists are well-educated and accomplished professionals. They typically have five or more years of experience. Master Stylists have met our requirements for specific advanced cutting and coloring classes and have proven their expertise and proficiency. Their commitment to ongoing education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends. Don’t be surprised to find these veterans teaching, coaching, and mentoring our emerging talent!


Earning the industry’s highest achievement, a Senior Master Stylist is a service provider with exceptional skills at their craft and has a passion for ongoing education. With years of experience, extensive training, and many thousands of hours behind the salon chair and oftentimes leading others, they are truly the best-of-the-best. Our Senior Master Stylists are award-winning with extensive experience in editorial, print, and runway hair design. These artists often coach, work and collaborate with our talented Master Stylists.